RUSH : Rise up special heroes 1.0.104 apk for Android

RUSH : Rise up special heroes
Description: ★Even if you raise your account level, you will receive a Ruby of $500 worth!
★ New accounts will receive large rewards for 8 days!
Day 1 4-star Overlord Cain
Day 2 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 3 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 4 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 5 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 6 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 7 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 8 ★6 Hero Lottery
Official Cafe :

■ Over 200 heroes to play!

■ Adventure Mode for continuous character training! Hundreds of stages!
An adventure to seek the Soul Stone!

■ When Adventure Mode gets too difficult, try the Tower of Challenge!
Test your skills in the Tower of Challenge for fabulous rewards!

■ Try the Arena Combat if you think you are ready!
Test your strength by dueling against other heroes!
Claim several hundred gems every 3 days as a bonus reward!

■ Fight the World Boss in Rush!
Claim Rubies everyday!
Receive Gold on every challenge!

■ Play Guild Boss Raid in real-time with other heroes!
Guild Boss Raid is the pinnacle of Rush!
A Boss Raid Time-attack will begin for all guild members in Rush at 8 PM everyday!

■ Collect Soul Stones to claim heroes all the way up to Overlords!
Soul Stones, the most important element of Rush!
Collect any hero!

■ Evolve your heroes by collecting Evolution Elements in the Daily Dungeon!
Evolve your heroes to the next level!
Evolve your best heroes by collecting the same type of elements in the Daily Dungeon!

An endless adventure awaits your arrival, hero!

Package Name : RUSH : Rise up special heroes
Developer : Rush Games.
Version : 1.0.104
Latest Updated : October 1, 2019
Installs : 100,000+
Category : Role Playing
Requirement : 4.4 and up
Playstore Link : Google Play
File Size : 52M

1. Added Laroa Awakening
2. Added connection time event (period event)
– 5 minutes Gold 100,000
– 10 minutes 30 ruby
– 20 minutes ★4 Cube lottery
– 30 minutes ★5 Hero lottery
– 45 minutes ★6 Gear lottery
– 60 minutes ★6 Hero lottery
3. A translation of some untranslated text has been added.
4. Added the Auto-Repeat. Mining Dungeon
5. Added the Auto-Repeat.Top of the Challenge

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